Signs of Hearing Loss

Does it sound like people mumble, and do you often ask them to repeat themselves?

Do you need to see someone’s face, or watch someone’s mouth move, in order to understand what they are saying?

If you’re in a restaurant or at a large family gathering, does the conversation get lost in the mix of all the other noise?

When you sit down to watch TV with someone, do you always turn the volume up?

Do you sit quietly, nod your head and smile during a group conversation, even though you don’t know what people are saying?

Do you have a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears whenever you’re in a quiet room?

Or … do you know someone who experiences any or all of these symptoms?

You Are Not Alone.

While you may feel like you are alone, 2 in 5 Canadian adults between the ages of 20 and79 have some level of hearing loss. That’s almost half of everyone you may see on any given day.

The easiest, most efficient and best way to discover whether you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss is to schedule a free hearing test with a caring hearing healthcare professional.

Phonak field Study News, June 2016